Complete Guide to Qatar Airways baggage allowance – USA to India – Checked in and Carry On limits, bag weight limits, FAQs

The following guide explains Qatar airline allowed limits for both checked and carry-on bags and common FAQs.

Note: Use this guide as a reference and to clarify questions, but it’s always best to double-check with the airline before travelling.

Baggage Size, weight & Fee at a Glance

What are checked luggage limits on Qatar Airways?

Adult – Two(2) Check-in Bags each weighing under 23 Kgs.

Infant – Lap child can carry 1 Check Bag under 23 Kgs.

So a couple with an infant travelling  to India with Qatar Airways can carry 2 + 2 + 1 = 5 Check-in bags each weighing under 23 kgs.

The maximum size of your checked bag and the amount of items you can bring on board are based on your ticket class.

For Economy class,

Maximum dimensions The length + width + height should not exceed 158 cm (by piece), 300 cm (by weight).

Checked bags must be no larger than 45 inches (1.125 meters) in length, width or height. The weight limit for a single piece of luggage is 50 pounds (22 kilograms). The size of your checked luggage and/or personal item(s) you are allowed to take on board a flight depends on the airline. 

What is my carry-on baggage allowance?

7 kgs in Economy Class. Laptops and laptop bags have to fit within your hand baggage allowance so there is not much left to carry in your hand baggage.

What the official carry-on baggage limits doesn’t emphasize is that you can carry a personal bag which is not counted in carry on baggage limit of 7 kgs.  To maximize your carry-on weight you can carry more on board in carry-on baggage if you have a small briefcase or a ladies handbag that way you can easily carry an additional 2-3 kgs.

First Class Two pieces, not to exceed 15 kg and 50x37x25 cm

Business Class Two pieces, not to exceed 15 kg and 50x37x25 cm

Common mistakes :

1. Gone are the days when airlines used to offer 2 carry-on bags. Don’t carry 2 carry-on bags which is a common mistake to end up paying heavy extra baggage fees as Qatar Airways is very strict on baggage weight limits and number of bags.

The official mention by Qatar airways on Carry more on board:

In addition to your hand baggage allowance, you can also carry personal items such as one ladies handbag or one small briefcase, one coat, cape or blanket, one umbrella, one pair of crutches or walking stick, one small camera or binoculars, limited reading material, an infant’s carrying basket, and duty-free items purchased on the day of your flight.

Is there a Qatar Airways baggage allowance for infants?

Yes and No. Yes if you pay full fare for infant. No If you pay for lap seat (10% of adult ticket fee). The reason is quite simple because you didn’t buy a seat for your infant due to limited space on airline they couldn’t allow any carry-on bag for your infant. They do allow 1 checked-in bag for infant.

What happens if my carry-on bag is slightly overweight?

A safe bet is under 2 additional kgs i.e. About 9 kgs instead of 7 kgs. But you are taking a risk, so weight in is it worth the slight risk. 

Can I check in two bags with Qatar?

yes a full paid ticket can check-in 2 bags with Qatar.

Are liquids and gels allowed in Qatar Airways hand baggage?

Yes, liquids are permitted. The only restriction is that they must be contained in a clear plastic bag. At the security check, do remember to keep them visible and separate just like how you take out your laptop in a separate container.

Note: A single liquid-filled bottle or container may not exceed 100 ml. This is not an aggregate limit. You can have multiple bottles each under 100 ml.

What is the additional fee If we exceed baggage limits ?

If your checked bag exceeds the maximum allowed dimensions, you may still be able to bring it along. However, if your bag exceeds the maximum weight limit, you will need to pay extra fees to check in the additional weight. These fees are usually calculated per kilogram of the total weight of your item(s), and range from $25 to $100 USD depending on the airline. 

Tips to avoid paying excess baggage fees with Qatar or any Airlines

1. Learn to pack light by carrying lighter clothes over heavier clothes, so you are effectively carrying the same number of pairs with extra capacity left

2. Buy extra lightweight check-in bags which weigh about 1-2 pounds lower than regular checked-in bags. Imagine your long term savings buying a lightweight bag, so spend that extra money and go for extra lightweight check-in bags

2. Invest in smart packing accessories

Is it possible to carry an LCD or LED TV in my checked baggage?

Yes. You can carry in your checked bags the limit but make sure the TV doesn’t exceed not just the weight but the package dimensions.

For more up-to-date details on checked baggage and hand baggage allowances on Qatar Airways please visit –

FAQs on Travelling with Infants

Qatar airways baggage allowance for infant – What is the Check-in and Carry-on Baggage travelling with Infants on Lap Fare ?

With infants travelling on a lap withoug a dedicated seat you can carry 1 Check-in Bag upto 23 Kgs and no carry-on bags. If you are wondering why the heck the airline doesn’t allow, the primary reason could be most airlines including Qatar doesn’t allow is since the infant doesn’t have a seat due to limited cabin luggage space they are risk allowing a carry-on bag on board.

Can I carry diaper bag with Infant in Qatar Airways baggage allowance ?

As mentioned above it may seem you cannot carry Diaper bag because Infants don’t have any carry-on baggage allowance. But Qatar airways is very lenient on this. I have travelled Qatar airways with our infant son and seen others with Infants carrying an extra diaper bag and Qatar staff never questioned about it. So thought officially they don’t allow it but in reality they are liberal about it. The reason they couldn’t officially allow is quite straight forward to have cabin space for carry-on baggage of other full ticketed passengers.

Can I carry water above 100 ml for my Baby to drink ?

Yes you can. Baby water is exempted from the 100 ml liquid limit.

Can I carry Baby Food Pouches which are semi-solid ?

Yes you can. Baby food is exempted again though it is liquidy/semi-solid.

More FAQs on Qatar Airlines Baggage Allowance

Does Qatar Airways allow 30kg baggage allowance for checked-in bag ?

Short answer: Yes and No.

For Economy Class a checked-in bag max weight limit is only 23 kgs. But the maximum weight they allow per bag is 30 kgs. So how does it work, you may ask. Let’s say an adult wants to carry only one check-in bag instead of 2 check-in bags. In that case, you can carry 1 check-in bag of up to 30 kgs since it is below the combined limit of 23 * 2 = 46 kgs.

How much is 23 kgs in lbs ?

23 kgs is approxmately 50 pounds. If your weighing scale only shows in pounds make sure the bag weight doesn’t exceed 50 pounds.

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