Mexico FMM Form

FMM Form – Complete Best Guide to Mexico Immigration Form [10+ FAQs Answered]

What is Mexico FMM form?

Mexico FMM Form also known as Mexico Tourist Card has other names which include Multiple Immigration Form in English, Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) in Spanish. For simplicity it is called Mexico Tourist Card casually and even Mexico’s Visitor Permit.

It is a document that allows tourists from foreign countries to enter and stay in Mexico and is a mandatory entry requirement for tourism. You can call it an admission document,

Where can I get FMM form?

You can fill FMM form in the official Mexico gov website.

Official Mexico Government Website to fill FMM form –

Once you finish the form you will get a printable PDF FMM Card which you can print out and carry it with you along with the other documents from the travel checklist.

Is FMM form Free or Cost or Pay Fee ?

It is absolutely free of cost in the official Mexico government website.

Note: There are many unofficial sites which show up in google search results sometimes even above the official Mexico FMM website and they charge you money while it is free of cost at official Mexico gov website. Also it is risky as you will be sending your personal identity information to a third party site. So it is a no-go.

Is FMM Card a Tourist Visa?

The tourist card, also known as a Tourist visa, isn’t actually a visa. If you have a US or Canada Visa you don’t need a Mexico visa so technically FMM Form works like a Tourist Visa so you will hear people calling it as Tourist visa.

How long is FMM card issued? 

The tourist card can be issued for up to 180 days i.e. 6 Months and is given to people including children. Note similar to I-94 it is up to the discretion of the Immigration office to grant a maximum of 180 days but it can be lower as well. Typically everyone is allowed to stay 180 days.

Can I go to Mexico without having to fill FMM form?

No FMM is mandatory for all visitor to Mexico both by Land and by Air.

Can I get an FMM at the airport ?

If you do not want to fill FMM form online, print and carry the FMM card with you you can get a physical form while waiting on the Mexico immigration line.

I have heard Online Filled and Printed out FMM Card is of no use. Is it True ?

It is useful, but If you are asking if it is accepted it depends on time of travel. There are mixed experiences on this, and recently we heard from fellow travelers to Mexico that online filled forms are not accepted for the time being.

So how is it going to work?

Airlines will give a physical FMM card on the flight to Mexico before arrival in Mexico. But the good news is the online form is still useful for quickly copying all the details to the physical FMM form. It would be more hassle-free for you to simply copy than to find all the information to fill in the immigration line, which is not very straightforward. Now imagine your elderly parents have to fill that complex FMM form ? So I would still suggest filling in the online FMM form especially in case of elderly parents and send them a copy to make your loved one’s life easier during immigration.

Very Important Note: A portion of the FMM card will be given to you which you should surrender during immigration when you depart from Mexico. If you lose the form for any reason, it is not the end of the world. You need to pay a fine/penalty during departure immigration.

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Below are the full instructions for filling out the Mexico FMM Form, otherwise called Mexico Tourist Form.

Download FMM Form Filling Instructions PDF

FMM Form PDF Filling Instructions

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