India to USA via Third Country

Options for India to USA via Third Country during US Travel Ban

The Travel Ban restricts Indians to fly directly to USA. We have to take a indirect route. To enter USA, we need to stay outside of India for 14 days in a transit country, take a COVID test 72 hours before your flight to USA from the transit country and travel to USA.

What are the best indirect routes via other countries that are allowing Indians to transit via them in this pandemic?

  1. Mexico
  2. Maldives
  3. Qatar
  4. Dubai
  5. Sri Lanka

How can I travel from India to the US via Mexico during the Travel Ban?

CanCun and Mexico City are the 2 destinations Indians are flying to and staying in Mexico. FYI Mexico is the most sort out as well as most travelled route in this travel ban of all the indirect routes available.

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How can I travel from India to the US via Qatar during the US Travel Ban?

Doha, Qatar is the second most famous indirect route picked by Indians travelling to USA. Doha is preferred because it is a bit cheaper, has good medical facility in case of COVID emergency, Low COVID numbers as Qatar has high vaccinated percentage, mandatory 10 day quarantine for Indians so your parents can feel safe since people are sticking to their quarantine hotel.

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