India to USA via Doha Qatar

Complete Guide to Travel from India to USA via Doha Qatar during US Travel Ban from India

Is Qatar allowing flights from India?

Yes. After COVID caused travel restrictions to Indians on August 2nd, Qatar has opened for Indians to travel to/via Qatar and Qatar airways has also resumed flights from India.

Can I travel from India to USA via Doha Qatar?

Yes. You can travel from India to USA via Doha, Qatar now that Qatar is open for Indians.

What is Etheraz App?

EHTERAZ is the official contact tracing application for the State of Qatar and is owned, operated, and approved by the Ministry of Public Health. 

Do I need to install Etheraz App?

Yes it is mandatory and without showing Green status on the app you are not allowed to board flight to Qatar or exit Doha Airport in Qatar.

Checklist before boarding Flight to Qatar?

Action Item Checklist

You will have to upload the negative RT-PCR test results, tickets, hotel booking documents in Etharaz portal or Etheraz App. Officials will review it and provide an approval in 12 to 18 hours. You won’t be able to check in until the officials give the approval.

Document Checklist

  1. Print out of RT-PCR Test
  2. Etharaz approval
  3. Hotel stay confirmation
  4. Onward journey ticket to USA
  5. Return ticket from USA to India

How do I show Green status in Doha Airport?

Purchase a sim at the airport,  log in to Etheraz App with the same login ID that you used to submit the RT-PCR.

With current situations with Qatar is it safe to fly with Qatar Airways via Doha?

Yes. Doha, Qatar is the second most famous indirect route picked by Indians traveling to USA. Doha is preferred because it has good medical facility in case of COVID emergency, Low COVID numbers as Qatar has high vaccinated percentage , mandatory 10 day quarantine for Indians so your parents can feel safe since people are sticking to their quarantine hotel which means less chances of spreading.

Do I need to carry return ticket to India to travel to Qatar for USA?

Unfortunately Yes. Even if you have an onward journey to the USA, you will not be allowed to board the flights if you do not carry a return ticket to India with you. Most airlines at-least Qatar allows you to cancel your flight ticket in form of credit valid for a long time so you can always cancel/reschedule flight without any worries.

Is there any Quarantine required if am traveling from India to Qatar?

Yes there is a 10 days mandatory Quarantine for all Indians traveling to Qatar. Since US also needs you to be outside of India for 14 days this works in your best interest.

How can I book my 10 day Hotel Quarantine stay ? Are there any specific hotels which is to be booked to quarantine?

Qatar only allows booking hotels with Discover Qatar official portal. The packages are managed by the Ministry of Qatar so you can trust the pricing is well controlled and stay in budget. You can check more details here:

When can I leave Hotel to visit the City?

On 10th day of your hotel quarntine they will perform another RT-PCR test right in your room. parents are free to go out and visit local places after that.

How many days should I stay in Qatar before I can start my onward journey to USA?

Please make sure that the stay in Doha for 16 Calendar days as it includes your arrival day in Qatar, 14 full days in Qatar and your departure day from Qatar so you don’t mess up the 14 full days outside of India to be on safer side.

Can I check in 2 bags with Qatar Airways?

Yes. For passengers with Economy tickets, the weight of each check-in bag shouldn’t exceed 50 pounds (23 kg) and for Business and First Class passengers, the allowance for each piece shouldn’t exceed 70 pounds (32 kg).

Is Qatar Airways strict on hand baggage?

Carry-on luggage may be restricted to certain sizes and weight limits for safety. At the airport, you should use bag sizers to check that your carry-on fits in it to validate it complies with length and width restrictions.

Go ahead and plan your USA visit in this travel ban by transiting through Qatar.

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