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Average Indian Packs 23.4 Kgs when the Checked Baggage Limit says 23 Kgs (Pun Intended)

We expect we use a checked-in baggage anything between 8-10 years at an average of 1-2 Trips / Year. So investing in the right bag could save you money almost on your First Trip itself. Many of us have so much to carry in these international trips we always over pack so imagine If we can pack more in the same Bag. Yes it is possible by buying a low weight bag lines called Ultra light weight bags category which is sold by Samsonite. While a normal checked in bag can weigh anywhere b/w 3.5 Kgs to 4.5 Kgs the bags in Ultra weight line weigh about 3.2 kgs. So you can pack about 500 Gms in 2 of your checked allowances that comes to 1 Kg of extra luggage. So next time you replace your checked-in bag don’t forget to buy an ultra light weight check-in bag.

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