Options for India to USA via Third Country during US Travel Ban

India to USA via Third Country

After Mexico now people are travelling via other indirect routes to travel to USA in the travel ban introduced by US due to pandemic and delta variant. See all the india to usa via third country indirect routes available for you.

India to USA via Mexico: Travel Experience shared by my Mom and Fellow Indians while in Mexico

My Mom made a video while staying at Hyatt House Santa Fe, Mexico City with the fellow Indians who were also staying with her at the hotel. She stayed in Mexico for 15 Nights 16 Days. Full Transcript Hey everyone my name is sridevi. I come from Hyderabad.My daughter-in-law is in labor and delivery date … Read more

The best luggage bag for long term travel

Average Indian Packs 23.4 Kgs when the Checked Baggage Limit says 23 Kgs (Pun Intended) We expect we use a checked-in baggage anything between 8-10 years at an average of 1-2 Trips / Year. So investing in the right bag could save you money almost on your First Trip itself. Many of us have so … Read more

Airbnbs or hotels? Tips and Tricks

We prefer Hotels over AirBnbs for below reasons Hotels follow strict protocols to santize and keep everything clean. So especially during pandemic this is very important.   Hotels have reliable Wifi and 24/7 support Staff If you run in to any issues unlike AirBnbs where getting reliable Wifi and support is questionnable.