India to USA via Mexico: Travel Experience shared by my Mom and Fellow Indians while in Mexico

My Mom made a video while staying at Hyatt House Santa Fe, Mexico City with the fellow Indians who were also staying with her at the hotel. She stayed in Mexico for 15 Nights 16 Days.

Full Transcript

Hey everyone my name is sridevi. I come from Hyderabad.
My daughter-in-law is in labor and delivery date is soon. Direct flights from Hyderabad to US is not an option.
We were initially tensed how we can make it to my son and daughter-in-law in USA
Then we came to know about indirect route through Mexico
We booked Hyatt House in Mexico City
Today is 3rd day in Mexico.
There are so many Indians in this Hotel where I am staying. Everyone is very friendly. We become good friends.
To pass time and to quarantine ourselves we created some fun activities as a group within the hotel
Today is 3rd day in the Hotel
Today we kept Pink dress as theme for fun so most of us are wearing Pink
We are about to play Antakshari together
Since we are avoiding going outside we are finding ways to enjoy and pass time with activities staying at hotel.
We came alone and kids are not there with us. We found ways to keep ourselves from loneliness
So we thought to plan enjoyment in different ways
So we planned to play Antakshari today
Hi my name is Sucharitha. I am also travelling from Hyderabad. I have similar reason for travel for my daugher delivery.
We all become good friends and are enjoying together.
Hi everyone I came to meet my future grand daughter. My daughter-in-law is in Labor and delivery date is soon.
Our family was a bit tensed as there were many questions running through our mind
How to come to USA in these uncertain times ? Where to Stay ? We don’t know what troubles could find us in this Trip. But things are smooth so far.
We are now so much relaxed so much as how tensed we were before.
We didn’t came across any trouble anywhere. We are all very happy.
We were initially worried about passing time here in Mexico. But now we are in good company after we formed a Group here with all the people we met here.
As a group we are planning to have fun together in may ways.
Ways like wearing a unique dress code every day, play different games etc
Okay that’s it from me.
Hi everyone this is Ramesh Babu
I am travelling from Jayanagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
I came to meet my daughter. My daugther lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
We started on 11th of July from Hyderabad to Mumbai
Mumbai to Paris and from Paris to Mexico.
We are staying here in Hotel Hyatt, Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico
Even though there is COVID protocol precautions we have to follow
But these are unavoidable circumstances for all of us to travel in these times
To follow COVID protocol we ideally didn’t want to travel outside home and be safe. But we couldn’t avoid due to our circumstances to help our family in need.
In this times
To have to travel so many countries on the globe in this indirect route to US
it is not ideal and we feel in a way we missed to follow all COVID safety protocols
But this is our need which we couldn’t avoid
We feel sorry about it. But we have to this for our Kids our Family
My daughter Delivery date is coming soon and I need to be next to my daughter in these times.
So we all decided to go with this only option to quarantine in Mexico for 14 days and travel to US to meet our loved ones in US
Facilities are all good in Mexico
More important in Hyatt House we have company of lot of Indians
It is amazing here. We all become good friends like relatives.
All of us togther we are going for Walks
We are arranging many entertainment programs
One more important thing is some of us have rooms with Kitchen
So everyone are cooking things they love to eat and having fun without any food cravings being in a different country
You can stay happily here. thankyou. People who are planning to come through Mexico follow all the protocols and you will be alright.
You will not face any trouble
I request you all to plan the trip well and come
thank you
Hi my name is Pramila. I am also travelling from Hyderabad. Thank you all.
We all came here in this indirect route to USA through Mexico via
different different places
Everyone’s goal and everyone destination is to reach to our family in America
Since we cannot go directly to USA due to 14 day quarantine rule outside of India we are going through Mexico
After coming here to Mexico and forming this Group we didn’t miss our Family much
Since we formed that good bond with each other
We are having a different theme every day to have fun and we are going on walks together
Our walks are for small distances and not going for long walks
That is all for now. Thank you
We will discuss more in more videos
Bye All.

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